About Us

Colorado Shakespeare Gardens (CGS), established in 1991, provides dedicated educational support to the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Boulder, Colorado. CSG educates the public relating to plants referenced in the works of William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) through cultivation of a public garden, free garden tours, public presentations, and published research. Many of Shakespeare's plays are rich with quotations about plants and trees. Our goal is to grow plants that were authentic to Shakespeare's time.

Colorado Shakespeare Gardens' volunteer members design, plant and maintain designated garden sites on the Boulder Campus of CU in the Courtyard Map between Hellems, where the Mary Rippon Theatre is located, and the Education Building. The gardens are currently along three borders of the Courtyard.

CSG is planning an expansion of the gardens in the Courtyard. The work will take place over several years as grants and donations are obtained. CSG is actively looking for new members to help with work in the gardens and other educational activities and also for sponsors to provide donations or plants or other materials needed for the expansion. Stone and labor for building the new stone walls for the new gardens will be needed.

Our Mission

To learn, teach, and understand about the plants and their meaning in the plays. To help and assist with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival whenever we are able.