Colorado Shakespeare Gardens

Colorado Shakespeare Gardens Audio-Visual Tour

The tour includes a history of the gardens section, and a featured tour for each garden, some narrated by an actor speaking as Will Shakespeare. It is designed for both watching for pleasure and to support teaching Shakespeare and/or plants. The entire tour takes a little under three hours, but can be watched and used in small bites of a few minutes.

Volunteers/Members Needed

During the Summer

Garden Members/Volunteers to help with the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens expansion work during the spring and summer.

Tour Guides to help educate people about the plants in the Shakespeare plays. Answer questions when you know the answers. Patrons of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival stop by to see, feel, smell, and sometimes taste the plants. Knowledge of some plants is recommended.

During the Winter

Prepare Synopsis of the next year's plays.

Research Plants in the next season's plays. Explain the plant quote. Find tidbits about the plants' mythical, magical,and medicinal values.

To let us know what volunteer opportunities interest you, please go to the Opportunities page.

The Still Room Book ($19.95) is a group of Elizabethan age characters describing their use, methods and recipes for the distillation of plants for food, drink and medicine. ($10 per book goes to the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens.) To see sample pages, click here. To purchase, go to