Plant: Eringoes
Botanical Name: Eringium

Synonyms, Country Names: Eringo, Sea Holly


Quotations: Let the sky rain Potatoes;
Let it thunder to the tune of Green Sleeves,
Hail kissing-comfits and snow Eringoes.

Falstaff in Merry Wives, act v, sc. 5 (20)

Cultivation: There are about 250 species both annual and perennial that grow in rocky, coastal and grassland areas. These herbs have hairless, usually spiny leaves and steel blue or white flowers.

The Useful Plant: Some species are grown as ornamental plants. Many species have been used as food and medicine. It has been used as an herbal remedy for scorpion stings and as an anti-inflammatory agent. The roots are used as vegetables or sweetmeats. Young shoots and leaves are used as one would use asparagus. One species is cultivated as a culinary herb as the taste is similar to cilantro. The roots were made into a gummy candy by rolling them in sugar and orange water.

Folklore: My dictionary states: "The candied root of E maritimum, the sea holly, is formerly considered an aphrodisiac" And that seems to be more in line with Falstaff's pursuits.

Personal: Monica Van Zale
Colorado Shakespeare Gardens
April 2014